Bead & Button June 2019
  • Bead & Button June 2019

Bead & Button Magazine June 2019

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Bead & Button June 2019
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Bead&Button is the original beading magazine and the most comprehensive one available today. Published six times a year, Bead&Button carefully selects a variety of projects that you can make and wear with pride. Bead stitching is front and center, but you’ll also find projects that incorporate wirework, kumihimo, stringing, and other jewelry-making techniques.

Crown jewelry bracelet
By Evelina Palmontova

Flower blossom earrings
By Debora Hodoyer

Classic florets
By Bonnie Boblin

Radiance necklace
By Isabella Lam

Flickering floral pendant
By Ilona Kahancza

Riveting earrings
By Cynthia Rutledge

Caged crescents bracelet
By Helen Roosa

Sea urchin flower pendant
By Zsuzsanna Erdei

Garden of Eden bracelet
By Margherita Fusco

Colorful stacked bracelet
By Debora Hodoyer

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