Bead & Button Magazine June 2015

Bead & Button Magazine June 2015
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Ribbons and sparkles necklace by Diane Whiting Page 22 Add or subtract as many ribbon strands... mehr
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Ribbons and sparkles necklace
by Diane Whiting
Page 22
Add or subtract as many ribbon strands as you like when you use a multistrand clasp.
Great new book! Get a sneak peak into Convertible Crystal Jewelry by Diane Whiting. You'll love creating the versatile designs from this book. Available at

Layered rings pendant
by Wendy Speare
Page 28
Use peyote stitch to create a layered look with SuperDuos and SuperUnos around a bezeled rivoli.

Haute couture cuff
by Eleanna Zegkinoglou
Page 32
Make a high-fashion cuff with cylinder beads as the base and adorable beaded buttons and snaps for the closure.

Half Tilas all the fun
by Miyuki Bead
Page 36
This easy-to-make multistrand bracelet boosts the hues of Half Tila beads using three color schemes.

Fan favorite bracelet
by Svetlana Chernitsky
Page 42
Make an impressive bracelet with SuperDuos formed into an intricate yet simple pattern.

Loopy for lentils
by Barbara Zaner
Page 48
Create lively, textural bracelets in bead crochet using lentil beads. Plus, learn bead crochet the easy way with a reusable starter stump.

Artfully adorned bracelet
by Nichole Starman
Page 62
Architecture for your wrist! Stitch two-hole lentils, tiles, and fire-polished beads into an arching statement bracelet.

Hex-a-lot bracelet
by Alice Kharon
Page 66
Create an eye-catching bracelet using netting to get a zigzagging pattern of hex-cut seed beads.

4 part harmony bracelet
by Beth Kraft
Page 68
St. Petersburg stitch takes on a tubular shape when worked in four sections making a fun bracelet in bright, whimsical colors.

Silky diamonds bracelet
by Connie Whittaker
Page 72
Embellish two-hole Silky beads with seed beads for a casual everyday look.

Blooming flower pendant
by Justyna Szlezak
Page 74
This peyote stitch pendant magically blossoms into a floral shape as the final rounds are stitched.

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