Bead & Button Magazine October 2015

Bead & Button Magazine October 2015
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Resource Guide The October 2015 Resource Guide has over 125 links to sources for supplies... mehr
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Resource Guide
The October 2015 Resource Guide has over 125 links to sources for supplies used in this issue

Lotus flower necklace
by Julia Gerlach
Page 30
Stitch a quick and stylish pendant with Czech glass and seed beads.

Vintage rosettes bracelet
by Szidonia Petki
Page 34
Crystals and seed beads give this vintage-inspired bracelet loads of sparkle for a timeless look.

Blue moon necklace
by Alice Kharon
Page 38
Create this darling right-angle weave necklace with peanut beads and adorable dangle components.

Spinning in orbit
by Cary Bruner
Page 42
Make an out-of-this-world tubular herringbone stitch necklace with seed beads and crystals.

Delicate twist bangle
by Ora Shai
Page 48
The beads may be small but they make a flexible, easy to wear twisted tubular herringbone bangle with a sparkly focal that's not overwhelming.

Reversible radiance
by Donna Sutton
Page 62
Double your options with this reversible cubic right-angle weave necklace that goes from a little bling on one side to "wow" on the other.

Pyramids of Nubia bracelet
by Marina Montagut
Page 68
Use Kheops beads to stitch this patterned bracelet inspired by jewelry from the ancient kingdoms of Nubia.

Snappy safari ring
by Kerrie Slade
Page 72
Show off your wild side with animal print buttons that snap into place on a netted ring band.

Step in time earrings
by Sue Sloan
Page 78
Create scalloped earrings that resemble the light, graceful, and elegant designs of the Edwardian Era.
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