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Beadwork Magazine October/November 2017 Beadwork Magazine October/November 2017
You'll love this if: You enjoy learning about Beadwork 's history and want an inside look on how the magazine has grown in 20 years You want to explore Southwestern designs in your beading You want to read an inspiring story about a...
9,95 € * 11,90 € *
Beadwork Magazine August/Septemper 2017 Beadwork Magazine August/Septemper 2017
You'll love this if: You want to use shaped beads, tubular peyote stitch, and tubular netting to create a stylish and edgy pendant. You want to learn the popular flat chenille stitch and make an easy yet sophisticated bracelet. You want...
9,95 € *
Beadwork June/July 2017 Beadwork June/July 2017
You’ll love this if: You want to read an inspiring story about using beading as a form of therapy You want to make the gorgeous Blue Hydrangea Bangle using cylinder beads and peyote stitch You want to bezel pear-shaped crystals for a...
10,90 € * 11,90 € *
Beadwork, April/May 2017 Beadwork, April/May 2017
You’ll love this if: You want to learn how to master thread tension in a quick tutorial You want a quick-start guide to seed beads and seed beading You want to see the next installment of stunning projects from our 2017 Designers of the...
9,95 € *
Beadwork, February / March 2017 Beadwork, February / March 2017
The February/March 2017 issue of Beadwork features eighteen must-have designs including those from our brand new Designers of the Year: Kassie Shaw, Melissa Grakowsky Shippee, and Agnieszka Watts. In Melissa’s Crystal Falls Earrings,...
9,95 € *
Beadwork December / January 2017 Beadwork December / January 2017
You’ll love this if: You want to bead fun, festive projects as you turn the page to a new year of beading. You want to try the new Demi Round seed beads as you use tubular herringbone stitch to make Nichole Starman’s stylish Wanderlust...
9,95 € *
Beadwork October / November 2016 Beadwork October / November 2016
You’ll love this if: You want to try the trendy, yet centuries-old, technique of kumihimo braiding. You’re ready to put your cubic right-angle weave and herringbone stitch skills to the test while making an incredibly fun bracelet. You...
9,95 € *
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