Beadwork Magazine August/Septemper 2017

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You'll love this if: You want to use shaped beads, tubular peyote stitch, and tubular... mehr
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You'll love this if:

  • You want to use shaped beads, tubular peyote stitch, and tubular netting to create a stylish and edgy pendant.
  • You want to learn the popular flat chenille stitch and make an easy yet sophisticated bracelet.
  • You want to read a heartwarming story about a bead retreat for cancer patients and their families.

Inside this issue of Beadwork, you'll explore dozens of inspiring projects to jumpstart your creativity, discover instructions for the popular flat chenille stitch, and learn how eight designers incorporated leather into their jewelry designs in the Fast & Fabulous section. With 28 beautiful beading projects in this issue, you can experiment with over 15 different stitches, including peyote stitch, square stitch, netting, picot, stringing, crimping, knotting, and more! Try your hand at the Breezy Blossoms bracelet, which uses picots and peyote and herringbone stitches to form floral bezels around crystal chatons that are connected using right-angle weave for a delightfully feminine bracelet. Or if your style is more hipster, give the Pick-a-Note Earrings a shot and channel your inner rock star with easy guitar pick-shaped earrings made with circular netting and a harmonious mix of sweet and edgy beads.

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