Beadwork Magazine February / March 2018

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You’ll love this if: You want to discover who the 2018 Beadwork Designers of the Year... mehr
Produktinformationen "Beadwork Magazine February / March 2018"

You’ll love this if:

  • You want to discover who the 2018 Beadwork Designers of the Year are!
  • You’re searching for inspiration from top designers.
  • You want to add fun beads to your next project, such as CzechMates cabochons, MiniDuos, Minos par Puca beads, and Arcos par Puca beads.

In this issue of Beadwork, discover beautiful designs from the 2018 Designers of the Year: Shanna Steele, Laura Graham, and Melinda Barta. Explore engaging techniques in twelve bead-woven jewelry projects, including kumihimo, loom work, backstitch bead embroidery, and a stitch that mimics bead crochet. Love looming? Check out the colorful, richly patterned collar finished with traditional techniques by Cheryl P. Mincone. Plus, the Fast & Fabulous section features seven vintage-inspired designs.

Order your copy of Beadwork, February/March 2018 today to:

  • Use circular netting to encase a large turquoise donut with a crystal rivoli at the center, then hang it from segmented straps of chain and beaded beads in a necklace by Designer of the Year Shanna Steele.
  • Discover seven vintage-inspired projects, including stylish pieces that combine colorful beads and pearls with retro components, such as metal flowers, antique brooches, and filigrees.
  • Practice your beading techniques in circular peyote stitch, circular netting, fringe, picot, cubic right-angle weave, ladder stitch, tubular brick stitch, kumihimo, whipstitch, simple wireworking, crimping, knotting, and riveting.
  • Become inspired by Maria Teresa Moran’s gorgeous bracelet with a right-angle-weave base embellished with pinch beads and crystal pearl rounds.
  • Discover so much more!
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