Beadwork, February/March 2019

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The February/March 2019 Issue of Beadwork , magazine is filled with bold color! Explore a... mehr
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The February/March 2019 Issue of Beadwork, magazine is filled with bold color! Explore a variety of eye-catching jewelry projects. You’ll find designs that take you to the streets of New Orleans along with an article on color to further guide you when creating your own fabulous designs. Discover bead weaving patterns such as herringbone and bezeling crystals, to everything in between. Additionally, you’ll get to meet Beadwork’s new Designers of the Year and projects by Wendy Ellsworth, Susan Sassoon, and Vezsuzsi. Order your copy today!

You’ll love this if:

  • You love bold and colorful jewelry designs.
  • You want to create necklaces and pendants featuring 3D, geometric jewelry designs.
  • You want to learn a variety of bead weaving techniques such as flat peyote stitch, flat and tubular spiral herringbone stitch, and more.

Create beautiful jewelry designs full of color with the February/March 2019 Issue of Beadwork, magazine! Discover a variety of beading projects such as the Masquerade Bracelet by Shanna Steele, Queen’s Heart Necklace + Earrings by Michelle Leonardo, Calypso Earrings by Michelle Gowland, and more. You’ll get to meet Beadwork’s 2019 designers of the year Susan Sassoon, Vezsuzsi, and Wendy Ellsworth. Find new inspiration and create stunning jewelry designs today!

Order your copy of Beadwork, February/March 2019 today to:

  • Create Susan Sassoon’s Thistle Necklace using circular netting, circular peyote stitch, and right-angle weave variation. Try your hand at the Starstruck Necklace by Cathy Andrews made using the netting technique.
  • Expand your bead-weaving skills with kumihimo, circular netting, right-angle weave, and more.
  • Get inspired by Beadwork’s 2019 Designers of the Year Vezsuzsi, Wendy Ellsworth, and Susan Sassoon.
  • Discover trending designs featuring natural materials.
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