Beadwork Magazine April/May 2019

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Explore the world of shaped beads in Beadwork April/May 2019! Our new 101 Shaped Beads: The... mehr
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Explore the world of shaped beads in Beadwork April/May 2019! Our new 101 Shaped Beads: The Essential Guide includes as many shaped beads as we could fit, plus, you'll find inspiring beaded jewelry projects featuring your favorites. There's more to this issue than shaped beads: Wendy Ellsworth's cover necklace is a lush riot of color, Katie Hacker shares the latest on Beads, Baubles & Jewels, and there are seven geometrically-inspired Fast & Fabulous jewelry-making designs. It's an issue you'll want to keep!

You’ll love this if:

  • You want to learn how to incorporate shaped beads into your jewelry designs.
  • You love geometric-style jewelry and want to try your hand at seven different projects.
  • You want to create stunning floral-inspired jewelry projects such as sunflower earrings, an iris bloom bracelet and many more.

Get ready for spring with the 2019 April/May issue of Beadwork, magazine! Explore a variety of spring inspired beaded jewelry projects featuring floral components like the Paisley Storm bracelet, the Blooming Fleur-de-lis Collar necklace and Solange Flower pendant. Learn how to incorporate shaped beads into your designs with our 101 Shaped Beads - The Essential Guide and discover the latest on Beads, Baubles & Jewels with Katie Hacker. Order your copy today!

Order your copy of Beadwork, April/May 2019 today to:

  • Advance your bead-stitching skills using tubular peyote stitch, circular netting, right-angle weave variation, ladder stitch and more.
  • Learn how to create beautiful jewelry pieces from experts Wendy Ellsworth, Susan Sassoon, Laura Graham and other artists.
  • Improve your beading repertoire and discover new ideas, projects, techniques and inspiration.
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